Sad News. Over the weekend, authorities think they may have found Frank.

Not much has been said, but according to news reports, “The body of a man thought to be Frank Stanley, 44, was found during a search Saturday in the Pike National Forest. His family was notified of the discovery, a family spokeswoman said Saturday. Stanley’s sister confirmed the death to 7News, and a family friend said his body was recovered from a fall of more than 100 feet.”

Ugh. My heart sank at the news. I was truly holding out for a happier ending. Knowing Frank, I was praying that he had set up camp somewhere and was using the skills and intelligence with which he taught my daughter, to keep himself safe until he was found.

School starts tomorrow.  Looks life this year’s lesson is about life.

We talk of only having this moment. Of not knowing what time brings. Of only getting one real chance at life and of the question, “How are you going to live it?”

Please do not let Frank’s passing be in vain. Let it be a reminder of what matters to you. And then let it be how you live.

Our family heart goes out to Frank’s family.

May he be of blessed memory. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Frank”

  1. Robin and family, and Frank’s family, and the school community, I was so sorry to hear the news. You are all in my heart and my thoughts.

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