Tis The Season To Be Creative

It’s the holiday season and many of us are looking for fun things to do with friends and family. But one person’s fun, is another person’s misery. How to find something that fits for the whole gang?

One of my favorite memories, of holiday seasons past, was venturing into NYC with my family. I loved to ice skate at Rockefeller Plaza and press my nose to the holiday themed windows at Saks. I loved the smell of the pretzels and chestnuts roasting in the pushcarts on every corner. And I hated going to the museum. I was bored. Little chubby me would sit on the hard wooden bench in the center of the vast room, sulking that I wasn’t swooshing around the rink. Way back then, museums didn’t gear themselves to families. It was simply intimidating old pictures hung on a sterile, white wall.

So, imagine my delight when I discovered a fun way to learn about the Great Works of Art without ever leaving the comfort of home. Created by my ever talented, smart and resourceful friend Rena Tobey, Artventures! is a party game on the adventures of Art and Art History. It’s simple to play and you don’t need any Art History experience. Check it out! You can get it on Amazon or at www.artventuresgame.com


Recently, Rena completed her MA, art history program. She has a special way of explaining art that makes it relevant and engaging. As posted on her website http://www.renatobey.com/ Rena values learning, creative possibility, and fun and dedicates her energy to sparking lively minds. Building on an academic and organizational career, she is passionate about engaging people with all forms of visual expression and filling the spoken word with verve.

So, this winter break, stack some trays in the kitchen, set up a museum lunch buffet line and settle in at your table for hours of fun with Artventures! I promise it will be an adventure well worth taking.

What MindFULLY fun things have you found to do with Friends and Family?Let us know!